Store Policy

Simply put, our policy is 'Zen'...

...and 'Rocks'...  ...and, I guess, 'My' too.

Customer Care

Hey. We sell Novelty Rocks. Hopefully we did our jobs. Let us know if we didn't:

Privacy & Safety

This is our privacy & safety policy section.  This is one thing we DO take seriously.  We will responsibly use and protect your personal information. We only use real-deal third-party banking to verify payment data and automate any contact to users after your purchase was completed successfully.


User’s privacy is of the highest importance to our business, so we've taken the time to be legit. It's all about Zen.

Wholesale Inquiries

We love wholesale. Costco is great!

If you want to purchase a wholesale order through us reach out to us via the contact section or at

Depending on the size of the order we typically need 2-3 weeks.

Payment Methods

We try to do our best to make payment easy and accommodate various online payment methods through third-party vendors. Let us know if you know a better way!

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*This product is simultaneously wonderful and satirical. It is ironic to its core and riddled with social commentary from the marketing, to the unboxing, to our tongue-in-cheek interactive The Zen Guide™

 It's all part of our 'parody of a luxury lifestyle brand' approach to help you find inner peace.  But with our affordable prices and always free shipping, who cares what we are doing here. Get ready to say, "Goodbye, confusing world; Hello, blissful Zen."

a product from Nicholas Bernardi

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