A My Zen Rocks Upgrade!

One set of My Zen Rocks: My Survival Edition!

Personalization Included!

Send ZENlightenment AND Survival Skills


My Zen Rocks:  My Zen Survival Kit 

This option includes:

- One Branded My Zen Rocks Box!

- The Zen Guide!

- 3 'certified stackable' My Zen Rocks!

- FREE USPS Priority Shipping!


- Slap a Personalized ZENful message inside the box!

(see our message ideas page for inspiration)

- 1 ZEN-like individually wrapped disposable 3-ply face mask

- 1 ZEN-like individually wrapped hand sanitizer wipe



Write or describe what you want inside each box.

Limit each individual message to around 140 characters

Type "<Random>" and we will make up a nonsense inspirational quote!

My Zen: Survival

SKU: MZR10001.3
  • 1 set of My Zen Rocks: The Case, The Rocks, and 'The Zen Guide' 

    +Personalization, +1 Mask, +1 Sanitizer Wipe

  • We ship via the USPS. Ya know, if it fits it ships!

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