Four sets of My Zen Rocks. Start spreading the Zen. This bundle is perfect for the average nuclear American family with 2.5 kids. That is, if you think that half of a kid doesn't need a set.  Also, you get free shipping in the US. The Zen is working already.


(4x) My Zen Rocks: The Base Kit 

This option includes:

- One Branded My Zen Rocks Box!

- The Zen Guide!

- 3 'Certified Stackable' My Zen Rocks!

- FREE USPS Priority Shipping!



Note: We don't offer 'My Zen Upgrades' at this bundle level. We're just trying to help you save on a Base Kit Bulk order! However, feel free to stack up on individual custom orders by out mathing us!

Quadra Zen

SKU: MZR10004
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  • 4 Sets of My Zen Rocks

    Each set comes with 'The Zen Guide' and Case. 

  • We ship via the USPS. Ya know, if it fits it ships!

Free domestic shipping