A My Zen Rocks Upgrade!

One set of My Zen Rocks, but PERSONALIZED

This is the MOST ZENlightened Gift!


My Zen Rocks: Personalized Edition

- One Branded My Zen Rocks Box!

- The Zen Guide!

- 3 'certified stackable' My Zen Rocks!

- FREE USPS Priority Shipping!


- Slap a ZENful Personalized message or name inside the box!

(see our message ideas page for inspiration)




Write or describe what you want inside each box.

Limit each individual message to around 140 characters

Type "<Random>" and we will make up a nonsense inspirational quote!

My Zen: Personalized

SKU: MZR10001.2
  • 1 set of Personalized My Zen Rocks: The Case, The Rocks, and 'The Zen Guide' 


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