Five sets of My Zen Rocks. This bundle ensures you have a few random gifts around the house. You never know who in your life deserves a reasonable, thoughtful and affordable gift. Have the gift of Zen ready to dispense. Also, you get free shipping in the US.




(5x) My Zen Rocks: The Base Kit 

This option includes:

- One Branded My Zen Rocks Box!

- The Zen Guide!

- 3 'Certified Stackable' My Zen Rocks!

- FREE USPS Priority Shipping!



Note: We don't offer 'My Zen Upgrades' at this bundle level. We're just trying to help you save on a Base Kit Bulk order! However, feel free to stack up on individual custom orders by out mathing us!

Penta Zen

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  • 5 sets of My Zen Rocks

    Each set comes with 'The Zen Guide' and Case. 

  • We ship via the USPS. Ya know, if it fits it ships!

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