The FAQ in our non-patented The Zen Guide is WAY better...

Frequently asked questions

What's up with taxes?

Look, we are based out of Chicago, IL. And we have to collect sales tax in Illinois. We don't make the sales tax laws, we just try to follow them. Luckily for you, that shipping is on us. So that means more Zen for you.

How is shipping FREE?

We hate paying for shipping, so we don't want you to pay for it either. Don't get us wrong, it's a real cost that only Amazon and big box stores seem to know how to avoid paying. We just decided to make it easy on you and eat the cost of shipping. You're welcome!

What if My Zen Rocks are chipped or broken?

That's a bummer that you came here looking for an answer. We like some of the rocks to have chips on them, it's part of each rock's own unique story. However, if your rocks are for some reason shattered, well, they weren't like that when we packed them. We will see what we can do to right this wrong.

Will this help me focus as an ADD or ADHD treatment?

We sure hope so, but the FDA hasn't said so. Doesn't hurt to try!

Can I integrate this meditation into my yoga practice?

Absolutely. In fact take pictures and videos of My Zen Rocks with your yoga practice and share them online. It's one of our recommended meditations

Will I get bad karma if I re-gift these?

Our recommendation is to keep a set for yourself, and gift sets to others. The more 'thoughtfulness' and 'mindfulness' practiced when gifting, the better.

Is there a My Zen Rocks mantra?

Not an official one. But we like to make stuff up as we go. Create one and share it with us!

Is this a Buddhist Meditation?

We doubt it. We're pretty sure "Zen Cairn Rock Stacks" are a Western addition to Buddhism. We're just commercializing it for a joke.

What is the Stack Team?

We ensure each stack is stackable before we send out your orders. The Stack Team is anyone who ensures that.

Why does My Zen Rocks come up when I google My Pillow?

Beats us. They're our unofficial rival in all things "My" related.

Is there any of CIA scientific meditation studies incorporating My Zen Rocks?

Not Yet! Maybe one day soon!

Can I integrate My Zen Rocks into Hot Yoga?

Well, luckily, rocks don't sweat. So you can try it!

Can you explain the Astral Projection part of My Zen Rocks?

Well, we mention it in The Zen Guide, but it's a little out of our league.

Does My Zen Rocks bring my racing brain any calm, inner peace, relaxation or self awareness?

We really do believe so. It's a novelty gag gift, but we like to think of it harnessing those mind altering powers.

Is there any Hallucinogens, THC, CBD, Magic Mushrooms, Weed, MDMA, Marijuana involved with this?

Nothing above is provided by us. But we won't tell you what to do.

Are there any secret promotions?

Boom! You found it! Take 15% off of the Zenister Six set with Promo Code: Hidden15

Where are My Zen Rocks sourced?

Great question. My Zen Rocks are sourced through reputible commercial giants. We didn't create capitalism. We're just along for the ride!